May 14, 2019

SanDisk warranty is on point!

Take note, manufacturers.

My SanDisk Ultra Flair USB died several days ago. The contact pins had been used so many times that they did not make a connection with the host's USB port. Rather than throwing the USB away, I decided to try SanDisk's warranty center and see if they could replace my drive.

To my surprise, Ultra Flair USBs come with 5 years of warranty, so yes, I could get it replaced! But I had bought this USB in South Korea. Could I get it fixed in China?

I emailed SanDisk support and asked if they could fix drives bought in other countries. Again, to my surprise, they said yes. I couldn't believe my luck. Most other manufacturers don't allow this.

The warranty support asked me to mail the defective product back to them so they could send out a replacement. I flagged down a delivery guy by our apartment complex's entrance (in China, they're everywhere - called kuài dì, they provide delivery services for practically everything), handed him an envelope with my drive in it, and it was off to SanDisk's warranty center in Shenyang.

The next day, I received:

Brand new!

In conclusion, SanDisk checked all of the boxes:

  • Warranty honored, no questions asked
  • Five year warranty instead of usual one year offered by many other OEMs
  • Warranty honored outside of origin of purchase
  • Couple days turnaround time

Really pleased with how they handled this case. Returning the product and receiving a new one was a hassle-free experience. Good job, SanDisk!